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Information importante: Le concert initialement prévu le 26/05/20 à 19h00 est reporté au 01/06/21 à 19h00
Les billets déjà achetés seront valables pour la date de report.

Important information: The concert initially scheduled at den Atelier on the 05/26/20 2020 at 07h00 pm , has had to be postponed to the 06/01/21 at 07h00 pm. Venue remain the same, also tickets remain valid for the new date.

The story of the Giant Rooks starts in their hometown of Hamm, Germany. The multi-instrumentalists Frederik Rabe, Finn Schwieters, Luca Göttner, Jonathan Wischniowski, and Finn Thomas founded the group just after having turned 18. Everything happened pretty fast: While their first self-released EP aroused initial attention, their second EP New Estate (released in 2017 on the tasteful Haltern Pop Label) spread like wildfire. All this was accomplished with a sound that doesn’t stop at the German border but sounds grown­up, independent and unique. The musical references are versatile. An impressive confirmation is their new single Wild Stare, which is the first release after their EP New Estate. And it’s also proof that the sky is the limit if the Giant Rooks continue to keep working on their songs with such intensity. We can only hold our breath for what’s to come. We're thrilled that Giant Rooks will finally return to Luxembourg! 

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